Random Thoughts on Uncanny Valley

The Good

  • Can be beaten in about an hour and a half.
  • Easy 1000 gamerscore with a guide.
  • Lots of areas to explore to expand the story.
  • Puzzles won’t make you feel overly stupid.
  • 2-D pixilated graphics style looks great and works well.
  • Soundtrack fits the theme perfectly.

The Not So Good

  • Full story only comes together after multiple playthroughs.
  • Dream sequences that don’t really add anything to the narrative.
  • Exploring into most new areas gets you captured and tortured for no reason and with no explanation.
  • First part of game becomes repetitive after doing it a couple times.
  • Save bugs still exist which may halt game progress.

Do You Buy It?

  • If you like games with retro graphics, maybe.
  • If you will use a guide and want a quick completion, yes.
  • If you want a survival horror game with lots of exploration, no.
  • If it’s on sale for $5, yes.

Available on the Microsoft Store for $12.99 (or regional equivalent)