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January 29, 2009

School Update

Well, my plan to do daily updates has not faired well. I blame it on the lack of time I have for anything save school or work. So, here is a recap as to my classes over the past couple weeks.

Oh, and not getting the books for a class until 2 weeks into a class is not a good thing!

Proof and Logic in Math: So far, so good. Most of the beginning was just doing truth tables which are very easy. Then we did tautologies and now we’re actually writing simple proofs. We just got a take-home test given to us which is due on the 9th. Should be pretty easy.

Matrix and Linear Algebra: Started out real easy and ramped up pretty quick. Matrix manipulation is extremely easy but now we’re doing some weird stuff with discriminants that lost me pretty quick. I need to read the book some more and get some more problems under my belt. This coming Monday will be our first test and I want to be prepared for it.

Probabilities and Applications: Was easy but now has gotten extremely hard. We just started a section on figuring out the probability of the i-th ball in the j-th box for n balls and m boxes. It went right over my head. Plus he threw infimum and supremum limits at us which he admits are advanced calculus concepts. I am going to need a lot of practice to keep up with these.

Differential Equations: By far, the most difficult class I have this semester. I got behind by not having the book and wasn’t able to keep up with the homework. Add that to my lack of ability to do these (admittably) difficult integrations and a professor who moves like lightning and I’m definitely struggling in the class. I’m still trying to figure out the first differential equations assigned and he’s already done with Bernoulli equations and has moved on to IVP and BVP which really look difficult. I think I’m screwed…

So, one class is pretty easy (so far), 2 are difficult but I’m holding on, and 1 I’m just totally lost on. The worst thing is I increased my hours available to tutor (as I need the money) but this just puts me further in the hole as I have less hours available for studying and homework.

Wish me luck…

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  1. Shannon Said,

    good god! you’re doing Bernoulli Equations already!? That’s insane. Lucky proofs is going OK. The rest sound monstrous.
    I laughed a little at the take home test. I fear my days of getting easy A’s are over like Disco =/

  2. Koding Said,

    Yeah, we’re moving along at a pretty brisk rate…well, the rest of the class is. I’m still at the start line and crawling trying to catch up with them.

    I agree though…I think the days of easy A’s are long gone. Although that should make any A’s earned now even sweeter. And if I fail any of my classes (*cough* DiffEq *cough*) there’s always Plan B!